Enderhall: Star City Sickness #03


I don't have much information about them, and I never saw them play; however, Justin (drummer) was kind enough to drop me some tidbits of information:

  1. The demo (below) was recorded Justin's father's basement on a four track.
  2. Same members as Lincoln (Justin, Jay, Dan, and John).
  3. They were about to go on tour and someone stole their band money.
  4. Things happened, people flipped out, and other things happened and they broke up.

Mommy Call Puppy is a re-worked Lincoln song. Overall, Enderhall is pretty interesting. Imagine Lincoln without distortion and a bit of a fragile, twee tone about them.

Good luck soaking up all that information you jackholes. Now, enjoy the music.

edit: something was wrong with the first mp3, but it's fixed now.


Lincoln: Star City Sickness #02

Formed after the break up of Manhandle (oops I had my facts wrong here. see J's first comment to this post for clarification.), Lincoln was easily the best of the original Emo/Hardcore bands of the early 1990s to officially release anything. Their release catalog is pretty thin:

  1. Union 7" released on Watermark (1992)
  2. Hoover and Lincoln split 7" released on Artmonk Construction (1993)
  3. Sugarloaf/Waterboy 7" released on Artmonk Construction (1993)

The first time I heard the Hoover/Lincoln split, I was floored. It completely changed everything I wanted to do musically, and in retrospect probably led to the break up of a few bands I was in since I couldn't find anyone that wanted to go that direction.

Lincoln was close to making it big in terms of the underground scene in those days. Their Artmonk releases were a couple rings above other similar bands in terms of musical ability, aggression, and production. The Artmonk releases came at a time when many bands were still recording on 4 tracks, in basements, or on borrowed studio time. Lincoln's Artmonk recordings were sleek, professional, and sonically hard hitting.

Stuck between hardcore and emo, they burnt out at their peak. They are easily the most well known of the Jay Demko and Justin Wierbonski bands, and the only post-Manhandle band to leave any sort of easily-obtainable documentation in the form of record releases. Lucky for us Eric Astor (Artmonk) is planning to release a CD of all the Artmonk 7"s (not just Lincoln) along with some unreleased songs. There will be one unreleased Lincoln song included.

I'm running thin on details, but if you have any information, photos, or media related to this, please contact me and I'll update this blog with that info. Enjoy!

Lincoln was:
Dan Ball / bass
John Herod / guitar
Jay Demko guitar / vocals
Justin Wierbonski / drums
Johanna Claasen / bass (originally)

Lincoln: Live on the U92 Morgantown Sound radio show (April 3, 1994)

Order of related bands:
Lincoln -> Kukim -> Glendale -> Enderhall