Kukim: Star City Sickness #01

Kukim was a band from Morgantown, WV in the mid 1990s that was formed out of the ashes of Lincoln. They had no official releases, but there's a handful of live recordings floating around. At one point Artmonk Construction advertised a Kukim EP, but nothing materialized. Like many of Jay Demko's bands, Kukim didn't last long; however, those that witnessed them live all agree -- they were simply amazing. Despite them leaving nothing behind to document their existence, witnesses to their live shows still thirst for more even though it has been over ten years since their break up.

I admittedly know very little about Kukim other than Jay Demko and Justin Wierbonski were members and were also in Lincoln and Enderhall, and other bands. If you have any information about them (stories, photos, audio, video), please leave a comment or email me.

The following songs were performed live on the U92 Morgantown Sound radioshow in 1994. I'd like to thank Kunari for the files. They are much higher quality than the ones that were up for download some while ago on the Morgantown Sound page before it went down, and he did some wonderful restoration work on them as well. Enjoy!

Kukim was:
Ben Doyle bass / vocals
Chris Turco guitar / vocals
Jay Demko guitar / vocals
Justin Wierbonski / drums

(Please be kind. Right-click and download so my bandwidth isn't destroyed.)
Kukim: Live on the U92 Morgantown Sound radio show (September 17, 1994)

Up Next: Lincoln's U92 Morgantown Sound broadcast.

Starting Out

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